I Am Sitting In A Room

by Breakgore

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in this city, light vanishes, world vanishes, blurry pollution everywhere. nothing true, nothing wrong. everything hurts beautifully.
more life, an opposite promise. she never tried to break through that barrier, the city. center is knowledge, center is waste.
leaving this odd, strange, beautiful place of mankind’s slaughter, she left herself behind while carrying her own soul.
she remembered the waves of the ocean, the natural metronome. her brain worked like a recycling organism. a mastermind without knowledge.
“‘gute reise’ - 久瀬 fucking asshole. leave me alone in breaking shell of tortoise, last resort not to be found. if wonderland this is breaks it will hurt myself, as i do so as well, actions connected, bound to another, being the same. know now you will die because you lay where under monster is hiding, killing you with it's art. japanese torture culture, being praised by little first world sluts, nobody noticing shadow of culture and society. even i love this act of violence in two ways, shame on my machine capable of thinking only the worst for sentencing myself to death. while where magic gem of soul is laying everything is true, good and human, you destroy myself, not i do. is it a phase? i hope so, scum of society.”


for the sake of doing so.
unmixed experimental music and unprofessional work. demos and unfinished, possibly abandoned music.


released December 26, 2015

thank you:
s., r., f., c. and many more for inspiring my mind.
s., p. and j. for the extraordinary support and resort.
everyone and everything for everyone and everything.




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